Who are the Largest Property Owners in NYC?

The list of the largest property owners in NYC includes a mix of private entities, real estate investment trusts, and prestigious educational institutions.

New York City is known for its iconic skyline and bustling real estate market, which attract investors and developers from around the globe.

Each of the largest property owners in New York City holds an impressive portfolio that consists of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties spread across the five boroughs. Their ownership can have a considerable impact on neighborhoods, architectural styles, and urban development trends.

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Analyzing the largest property owners in NYC not only reveals the key stakeholders in the city’s real estate market but also helps to understand the strategic decisions that drive every aspect of urban living, from property values to amenities and infrastructure. As these entities expand their holdings and develop new projects, they will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of New York City.

List of the Biggest Property Owners in New York City

List of the Largest Property Owners in NYC

A select group of significant players control the real estate market in New York City. Some of the largest property owners in the city are known for their sprawling portfolios containing prestigious addresses and iconic landmarks. Here is the list of the largest property owners in NYC and their respective holdings as of November 2023.

RankProperty OwnerProperty Type FocusNotable Holdings/ProjectsProperty Area (sq ft)
1City of New YorkMunicipal Buildings, Parks, Schools362.1 million
2Vornado Realty TrustCommercialFifth Avenue, Times Square19.9 million (office) + 2.5 million (retail)
3SL Green RealtyCommercial32.5 million
4Tishman SpeyerMixed: Office, ResidentialRockefeller Center, Chrysler Building, MetLife Building, Stuyvesant Town, 666 Fifth AvenueNA
5Blackstone GroupMixed – Various1.68 million (projected) + 720,000 (current) + 929,000 (industrial portfolio)
6Related CompaniesLuxury Residential, Mixed-useHudson Yards, The High LineNA
7Columbia UniversityEducational, Dormitories, Commercial14.9 – 15.5 million
8New York UniversityEducational, Dormitories, CommercialSilver Center, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, Stern School of Business, Courant Institute of Mathematics, Kimmel Center15 – 18 million
9Brookfield Property PartnersCommercial, Mixed-useBankers Hall complex250 million
10RXR RealtyCommercial, Mixed-use1166 Avenue of the Americas, The International Paper Building, 340 Madison Avenue, 450 Lexington Avenue, 237 Park Avenue, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, and 530 Fifth Avenue22 million
Largest Property Owners in New York City

Disclaimer: The data is according to public sources. Take it with a pinch of salt, and it should be a rough idea. Do not make any decisions based on this.

City of New York

New York City owns a lot of properties because it’s the biggest property owner in the city. These properties include schools, parks, and buildings for the city’s work. This means the city plays a big role in how the city grows and changes.

Vornado Realty Trust

Vornado Realty Trust is a big company that owns and takes care of properties in Manhattan. They have famous office buildings and stores. Many people want to have their businesses in these places.

SL Green Realty

SL Green Realty is another big name in New York City’s property world. They own many types of properties like office buildings, stores, and places where people live. This makes them a big part of the city’s property scene.

Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer is known for creating, owning, and running top-notch properties, especially in Manhattan. They’ve made famous places like the Rockefeller Center and the MetLife Building.

Blackstone Group

The Blackstone Group is a big company that invests in different things around the world. In New York City, they own many types of properties like apartment buildings, offices, and factories. They’re smart about where they put their money in the city’s property world.

Related Companies

Related Companies is famous for making and managing some of the fanciest places to live in New York City. They’ve worked on big projects like Hudson Yards and the Time Warner Center. They’re experts at making city spaces better.

Columbia University

Columbia University is a famous school, but they also own a lot of property in the city. They have 246 places and play a big part in how the city’s property world works.

New York University (NYU)

NYU is another big school that owns a lot of land and buildings in the city. They have many places all over the city, which helps shape how the city looks and feels.

Brookfield Property Partners

Brookfield Property Partners is a big property company that works all over the world, but they have a lot of properties in New York City. They own offices, stores, and places where people live, showing they know a lot about the city’s property world.

RXR Realty

Last on this list is RXR Realty. They’re a big name in the New York City area for owning, investing in, and creating properties. They have great places for businesses and people to live, adding to the city’s exciting property scene.

This comprehensive list highlights the largest property owners in New York City, showcasing the diverse players shaping the urban landscape. From iconic landmarks to bustling campus grounds, these entities play a significant role in curating the remarkable real estate offerings throughout the city.

What are the top commercial real estate companies in NYC?

The top commercial real estate companies in NYC are Vornado Realty Trust, SL Green Realty, and Boston Properties. Vornado Realty Trust owns nearly 30 million square feet of property, making it one of the largest property owners in the city. SL Green Realty has an annual NOI (net operating income) of $1.44 billion for its New York holdings, while Boston Properties has an annual NOI of $793.6 million.

Which university owns the most land in New York City?

New York University (NYU) is the university that owns the most land in New York City. With a total building value of approximately $2.26 billion, NYU is the wealthiest landowner in the city, edging out its rival, Columbia University, due to higher real estate prices in Greenwich Village.

Who are the biggest family-owned real estate firms in NYC?

There are many family-owned real estate firms in NYC, but it is challenging to determine which ones are the biggest without further research. Some notable family-owned real estate firms include the Durst Organization, Silverstein Properties, and the Rudin family’s company, Rudin Management.

How much property does the Catholic Church hold in NYC?

The amount of property that the Catholic Church in NYC owns is not openly known. But it is known that the church owns a significant amount of real estate in the city, including churches, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

Which entity owns the most residential properties in NYC?

It is difficult to determine the specific entity that owns the most residential properties in NYC without further research. However, some large residential property owners in the city include the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and various residential real estate investment trusts (REITs) and developers.

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