NY Property Tax Due Dates

Due Dates for New York Property Tax

Paying your property taxes can feel like a maze of dates and deadlines, but it’s crucial to stay on top of them to avoid penalties. As a property owner in New York, you’re probably familiar with the sinking feeling that

Pay NYC Property Taxes Online

Pay NYC Property Tax

Paying taxes is something none of us can avoid, especially if you own property in New York City. The NYC Department of Finance has streamlined this process by offering online tax payments—a real game-changer for busy New Yorkers. In this blog post,

Lookup NYC Property Tax

Lookup Nyc Property Tax

As a property owner or prospective buyer in New York City, you must understand your property tax obligations. Property taxes are a significant part of homeownership costs in New York City. Mastering this aspect is key to managing your finances

Recording Fee and Mortgage Recording Tax in NYC

Recording Fees cost in NYC

The recording fee is one of the costs you will encounter when purchasing or refinancing property in New York City. The NYS government levies a recording fee to record various real estate documents, such as deeds, mortgages, and lease agreements.

Who are the Largest Property Owners in NYC?

Representation of Top 10 Largest Property Owners in New York City

The list of the largest property owners in NYC includes a mix of private entities, real estate investment trusts, and prestigious educational institutions. New York City is known for its iconic skyline and bustling real estate market, which attract investors

How to Buy Abandoned Property in New York?

Picture of a Abandoned Property in New York City

Are you thinking about buying an abandoned house or commercial property in New York? It can be a great way to make money, but there are some important things you need to know first. Find Abandoned Property | Buy Abandoned