ACRIS NYC – Search Property Records By Name or Address

ACRIS NYC is the official web portal that provides access to over two million public records related to real estate transactions and properties registered in New York. Use the NYC ACRIS search feature to find any New York property records online.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to use the NYC ACRIS search system. Learn the basics of the ACRIS NYC property search portal and find out what documents can be accessed using ACRIS.

ACRIS NYC: Search Property Records

Following an easy-to-use guide, you can quickly search NYC property records by name or address on ACRIS.

To search for property records on ACRIS NYC with a person’s first or last name, follow the steps below.

  • First, log into the NYC.Gov ACRIS Page and select “Search Property Records” options.
  • Then, you will have six different document search options:
    • Search by Party Name
    • Search by property identifier of borough, block and lot.
    • Document Type
    • Document ID or CRFN number
    • Transaction Number
    • Search by microfilm reel or page
  • You can select any one of the search options based on the input details you have. Most users use the “Search by Name” option.
  • Then you will be taken to another page. There, you need to enter a name, select the date range, document type and party type, and click “Submit.”
  • The results will appear on your screen, with related documents listed by major categories.
  • These categories include sale deeds, mortgages and liens filed against property owners, and leases signed between landlords and tenants.
  • Select the type of record you are looking for, and then you can view that record.

What is ACRIS?

ACRIS (Automated City Register Information System) is an official website of the New York City Department of Finance that provides access to records regarding real estate transactions in New York City dating back to 1966. New York residents can find all types of property records using the ACRIS NYC Search portal.

It is possible to filter these results by date or document type if necessary.

Finding New York Property Records by Address

Searching New York property records by block or lot address on ACRIS is easy. The first step is to go to the website,, and click “Search Records” at the top of the page. Then select “Address No., Block or Lot” from the drop-down menu under Document Search Type. Finally, provide an address number (or block or lot number) in the search box beneath this field to access records matching that specific location.

Types of documents available on NYC ACRIS Portal

The ACRIS NYC site allows users to search property records, sale deeds and other documents related to properties located within the five boroughs of New York State. ACRIS also offers additional features and services, such as online appointment scheduling functionality and a document acceptance review process for documents like deeds or powers of attorney. Historical information dating back to 1966 can also be accessed, which contains records of all transactions taking place over several decades.

ACRIS is a repository of property records and other documents pertaining to real estate in New York City.

  • Users can search for property records by name, address, borough, block and lot number.
  • Documents available on ACRIS range from mortgage recordings and deed transfers to lien releases and satisfaction of judgments.
  • Additional documents, such as leases, zoning approvals, and notices of petitions filed in Landmarks Preservation Commission proceedings, are also available on the ACRIS NYC Gov website.

ACRIS NYC Contact Information

Visit the NYC ACRIS website at for more detailed customer service information and additional features.

ACRIS NYC Page: Customer service information

The ACRIS Help Desk can provide assistance to anyone with inquiries or issues on the system. Customers are encouraged to contact the service desk for fast and professional customer care.

The ACRIS Help Desk is accessible by telephone at +1 212 487 6300 or through email at [email protected], providing customers with a convenient option for quick answers relating to their property records search.

Whether it’s help understanding specific documents, guidance navigating through the website, assistance finding certain records, or any other issue pertaining to ACRIS NYC, customers will always receive assurance from the knowledgeable staff members of the customer service team.


ACRIS NYC is a powerful search portal that streamlines the process of searching for property records in New York City. It allows users to search by name or address and quickly access relevant documents, including deeds, mortgages, leases and other real estate transactions.

The database also provides up-to-date information on real estate sales and activities in the area. ACRIS helps ensure transparency in the real estate industry by providing equal access to public records for all interested parties.

This comprehensive system is an invaluable tool for anyone researching properties or transacting business in New York City.

External Resources:

1. What is ACRIS NYC?

ACRIS NYC stands for Automated City Register Information System, which is an online database used to track New York City property records and other real estate transactions.

2. Why should I use ACRIS NYC?

ACRIS NYC is used to access electronic records of public properties such as apartments, offices, warehouse space or dwellings in New York State without the need for a visit by municipal government organizations or landlords.

3. How do I search property records on ACRIS NYC?

To search property records via the automated city register information system, one needs to create an account with their own personal data, such as name, address, etc., followed by entering search criteria like Borough Tax Block number and lot numbers and selecting valid dates available on schedule recordings, respectively. This will generate the desired results according to your searches.

4. Is there any cost involved in searching with ACRIS NYC?

No costs are associated when you perform simple queries with basic parameters, but if you need more advanced service, there might be certain subscription fees applicable. Such services may include bulk downloads or email notification services that can help keep business owners up-to-date on title changes or new liens placed against a specific building lot.

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