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Party Name: Search by name.

Note: You can use a person name or a company name.

Parcel Identifier (Borough, Block, Lot): Search by property identifier of borough, block and lot

Document Type: Search by type of document

Document ID/City Register File Number: Search by Document ID or CRFN

Note: assigned to documents recorded on or after January 2, 2003.

Transaction Number: Search by Transaction Number

Note: The transaction number is assigned to cover pages on or after January 2, 2003.

Reel and Page: Search by microfilm reel or page

Note: Available microfilm reel or page assigned to documents prior to January 2, 2003.

UCC/Federal Lien File Number: Search by file number

Note: UCC/Federal Lien File number assigned to UCC/Federal Liens prior to January 2, 2003.

The Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) offers a suite of tools provided by the New York City Department of Finance, enabling users to conduct detailed real estate record searches, including searches by party name.

ACRIS Main Search Options

ACRIS Main Search Options Explained

ACRIS is an online database that provides users with access to property records. It facilitates the search and viewing of documents related to property transactions such as deeds, mortgages, and leases for properties in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

Components of ACRIS

ACRIS includes several components that enable users to interact with real estate data. These components allow individuals to:

  • Search property records
  • View document images for historical and current real estate transactions
  • Create cover pages and tax forms for recording documents
  • Register for alerts regarding recorded documents related to specific properties

Are property deeds publicly accessible in New York State?

In New York State, property deeds are accessible to the public. Through the Office of the City Register, individuals can use ACRIS to access public records for properties in the aforementioned boroughs, but not all New York State property records are available through ACRIS.

Can I look up property owner information without a fee in New York?

Yes, ACRIS enables users to look up property owner information in New York City without a fee. This system allows for various search parameters including party name, address, and block and lot numbers.

Does the ACRIS system cover the entirety of New York State or just New York City?

The ACRIS system is designated for use within New York City and covers only the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. It does not extend to property records outside of these areas within New York State.

Accessing Property Records

Accessing property records in New York City is a straightforward process. By searching by party name in the Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS), individuals can retrieve a wealth of information regarding property transactions and histories.

Step-by-Step Guide to Searching by Party Name

To search property records by party name, one must enter the name into ACRIS. Begin by inputting the party’s name and selecting the relevant date range. One should also choose the party type along with the specific borough or county of interest.

Identifying Property by Block and Lot

To identify a property using its block and lot numbers, navigate to ACRIS’s main search page. To access the pertinent property records bearing these identifiers, enter the borough, then the block and lot numbers.

Using Borough, Block, and Lot (BBL) Identifiers

Utilizing the Borough, Block, and Lot (BBL) identifiers is an integral part of locating New York City property records. These BBL identifiers are unique to each property and essential for precise searches within the ACRIS database.

ACRIS Document Types

Within ACRIS, document types may include deeds, mortgages, or leases. Selection of the correct document type will narrow the search and produce more accurate results relating to the recorded documents.

Interpreting Transaction Numbers

Transaction numbers in ACRIS are unique identifiers assigned to each recorded document. Understanding and referencing these numbers can expedite the process of retrieving specific property transaction details.

Guidance for Cover Page Filings

Creating cover pages for document filings is necessary for proper record-keeping and archival. Detailed instructions on how to generate these forms can be found on the section of the ACRIS Main Options website dedicated to cover page creation.

Understanding UCC Filings

UCC filings pertain to personal property liens and can be searched via ACRIS. They provide information on secured transactions involving personal property, distinct from real estate transactions.

Helpful Tools and Terminology

When engaging in an ACRIS search by party name, it’s vital to understand the relevant real estate terms and utilize available support resources. This section details the essential tools and terminology for effectively navigating the platform.

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

  • Grantor: The individual or entity transferring property.
  • Grantee: The recipient of the property from the grantor.
  • Office of the City Register: An entity responsible for maintaining New York City’s official records of property ownership.
  • Borough/County: The specific district within New York City, such as Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Queens, or Richmond (Staten Island), where the property is located.

These terms are critical when performing a search, as they are often required fields or provide important context to the records being queried.

Using the ACRIS Help Desk

The ACRIS Help Desk provides assistance for users navigating the ACRIS system. They offer support with:

  • Technical issues that users may encounter while searching.
  • Clarification of steps in the step-by-step guide for a party name search in ACRIS.

Contacting the ACRIS Help Desk can be done via phone or email when users require help with their search or need additional information about a property’s history in a specific borough or county.

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